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For as long as singer/songwriter Staci Frenes can remember, music has been her saving grace, and the unmistakable key to self-discovery. Not a matter of happenstance or something she just fell into, but one deliberate decision after another has led Staci to cultivate songs and stories into something strong and beautiful and brave.

Eight records in, this UC-Berkeley graduate, mom and former English teacher has enjoyed successes she hadn’t dared to dream. Her acoustic folk-pop songs have inspired not only audiences at her concerts all over the country, but millions of viewers on major network shows such as The Biggest Loser, America's Next Top Model, All My Children and Nashville as well as in nationally released feature films.

Staci’s latest CD, Everything You Love Comes Alive is an unforgettable collection of songs that grew out of a deeply painful season of loss and heartache. The songs explore the depth and the simplicity of the ways love transforms and shapes us into who we were meant to be.

 Writing these songs, she says, helped her to understand how our talents and gifts are for our own profound healing and joy as much as they are for others. 

As a gifted communicator, Staci's creativity and passion for encouraging others led her to write her first book, Flourish. It's a conversational, inspiring collection of stories and insights about how to cultivate a life in which our unique gifts find their full expression. Flourish follows Staci's journey as she discovers her own God-designed purpose, and also those of people from across the creative spectrum—from homemakers to professional artists—who use their talents in generous and life-giving ways.

 Intricate, authentic and hopeful, Staci Frenes continues to cultivate truth that resonates in every aspect of life...through music, speaking and writing... she is confident that the process can be as beautiful as the finish.

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