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"Whether you are a creator, a parent, an activist, or you are harboring your own ambition for a fuller life, this book will help you discover God’s calling for you to flourish."

-Rich Stearns, President of World Vision US and author of Unfinished and The Hole in Our Gospel

flourish is a conversational, inspiring collection of stories and insights about how to cultivate a life in which our unique gifts and talents find their full expression. It contains stories of people from all along the creative spectrum—from homemakers to professional artists—who use their talents in generous and life-giving ways. Drawing on her experiences as a singer/songwriter, speaker and mom, Staci Frenes shares how we can find joy and purpose by integrating simple creative practices into our daily lives, and loving others with our gifts.

Staci recently finished writing a FLOURISH STUDY GUIDE for use with small groups. The study guide is a six-session course that dives deeper into the themes, Scriptures and creative applications of the book. Contact for your FREE copy and group book discount.


Filmed by Abby Frenes


author / speaker

"Staci Frenes speaks the language of all of us who feel compelled to create, not only for others, but for the sake of our own heart-health. flourish is a poem of encouragement for reluctant creatives to dip deeply into the colors that define us and paint our souls onto the canvas for all to see."

record producer

"The most thoughtful artists hope their work will aid in human flourishing and contribute to the common good. It takes caring and intentional imagining for the good of others though. With flourish, Staci Frenes has reached this good goal and more. This is a rigorously honest book from a deeply creative person. Never one dimensional, this writing is about an imaginative life right in the middle of the glory, shame, and trials of everyday life. I cannot recommend Staci or her engaging, artful book more."

singer / songwriter

“I have enjoyed Staci’s gift as her friend and frequent collaborator and I am moved by the hard won wisdom she so generously shares here. At it’s heart, flourish is a protest book against the million voices that tempt us to believe the work of our hearts and hands are of little consequence; a gentle call to listen instead to the still small voice that tells us to do, to make, to sing, to write, to be because we are and we matter.”